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Centre for Restoration Britain and Ireland

The Centre for Restoration Britain and Ireland builds upon a series of highly successful conferences which have been run at Bangor since 2005. Every other year, all those interested in the history, religion and culture of the Stuart realms in the reigns of Charles II, James II and William III have been invited to Snowdonia for three days of discussion of these crucial decades in British and Irish history. Leading scholars from history, literature, art history, theology and other disciplines have given plenary papers; and panels have been formed from groups of other cutting-edge researchers and graduate students; with each meeting concentrating upon a decade (the 1660s in 2005; the 1670s in 2007; the 1680s in 2009). The conference is now recognised as one of the world’s leading fora for the discussion of the Restoration period.

Under its leaders, Professors Tony Claydon and Thomas Corns, the Centre fosters continuing discussion between members in the periods between biennial meetings. Using e-mail groups, other media, and small face-to-face gatherings, it encourages further development of debates begun at the conferences; and begins early formation of panel groups and themes for the full gatherings to come.

To be added to the mailing list for the centre, please send a message to For details of past events, click on the links below:

Professor Tony Claydon
Professor Thomas Corns

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