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Bangor Centre for Medieval Studies

The Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS) provides a forum for intellectual exchange for staff and postgraduates across university departments at Bangor and fosters collaboration further afield through IMEMS and CARMEN (the new Co-operative for the Advancement of Research through a Medieval European Network).

Bangor CMS promotes research and teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and encourages initiatives involving more than one department. At present its central activity is the medieval research seminar series, continuing under the theme ‘Cultural interface(s) in the medieval world’. Other activities aimed at students and the general public are currently being developed – including a summer school in medieval studies.

Under the IMEMS collaboration and with AHRC funding, CMS ran a programme of intensive palaeography and codicology training for postgraduates in medieval studies (including training through the medium of Welsh) during 2005/6. From 2007 the programme is supported by the newly created Bangor Graduate School and continues to run on in interdisciplinary basis (see links for details below). Bangor CMS also supports the interdisciplinary postgraduate conference in medieval studies ‘Medievalism Transformed’, now in its fourth year.

Because of its interdisciplinary outlook the Bangor Centre for Medieval Studies provides an ideal place for the development of local projects, involving staff, research students and sometimes the local community. The range of expertise in CMS, its link to medievalists and the National Library in Aberystwyth via IMEMS, and its current provision of stimulating seminars, training and conferences makes it attractive for post-graduate study in medieval studies.


Bangor Centre for Medieval Studies

Palaeography training

Annual Postgraduate Conference in Medieval Studies


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