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Institute for Medieval & Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)

IMEMS members meet frequently with staff at other Welsh universities (Cardiff, Swansea and Lampeter) via the Welsh Video Network, for research seminars in medieval and early modern studies. The series attracts speakers from a variety of disciplines and from all over the world, who sometimes give papers within the Institute’s research strands, but also talk on subjects of general interest, providing an opportunity for people working on different areas to exchange ideas.

Date Speaker Talk/Paper
14 October 2008 Professor Jane Ohlmeyer (Trinity, Dublin) The ethnic make-up of the seventeenth century Irish peerage  
28 October 2008 Dr Liam Semler (Sydney) Margaret Cavendish the liar
11 November 2008 Dr Alexander Samson (University College, London) Last thoughts on a windmill: Fletcher and Cervantes  
25 November 2008 Dr Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent) Lions, tigers and bears: encounters with animal imagery in crusade sources  
9 December 2008 Dr Elisabeth Salter (Aberystwyth) Listening to the little books: evidence for popular reading c1400-1600
13 January 2009 Professor Andrew Hadfield (Sussex) Self publicity and polemic in early modern literary London
27 January 2009 Professor Linne Moonie (York) The scribe of the Hengwrt and Ellesmere manuscripts of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
10 February 2009 Dr Andrew Gordon (Aberdeen) Memory and remembrance in Thomas Middleton  
24 February 2009 Professor Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary, London) John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards  
27 February 2009 Liz McAvoy (Swansea): Generating a Sacred Landscape: Enclosing the Woman in the Welsh Marches
Mary-Ellen Lynn (Queen's University, Belfast): Space to Speak the soul: reading the body of the early modern prophetess
10 March 2009 Dr Katherine Lewis (Huddersfield) "The man who was almost not a man": gender and virility in the cult and miracles of late medieval saints  
24 March 2009 Dr Carol Meale (Bristol) Ecclecticism and the late medieval reader: commonplace books or miscellany?  
19 May 2009 Dr Liz McAvoy (Swansea) Mapping the Borderlands and Conceiving Stability: The Anchorites of the Welsh Marches
2 June 2009 Dr Sarah Alyn-Stacey (Trinity, Dublin) Paradox and Politics: Franco-Savoyard Relations in the Work of Marc-Claude de Buttet (1554-)  
13 October 2009 Dr Estelle Stubbs (Sheffield) Was the Hengwrt manuscript the earliest copy of the 'Canterbury Tales': the scribal evidence  
27 October 2009

Dr Jeremy Gregory (Manchester) Refashioning puritan New England: the church of England in British North America, c.1680-c.1770
10 November 2009 Mr Peter Jones (King's College) ‘Quintessence works one hundred times better': alchemy and the medical practitioners before Paracelsus.  
24 November 2009 Dr Karen Bosnos (Emory) Two sides to the story: alternative discourses of treason in Anglo-Norman histories.  
8 December 2009 Dr Kees Dekker (Groningen) Anglo-Saxon notes: what did they query?  
19 January 2010 James Shaw (Sheffield) Writing to the Prince: State, Law and Individual in Sixteenth-Century Tuscany  
2 February 2010 Peredur Lynch (Bangor)

Welsh Ballads and the Growth of Britishness  
16 February 2010 Malte Urban (Queen's Belfast) Gower on (the) Edge  




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