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Institute for Medieval & Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)

IMEMS members meet frequently with staff at other Welsh universities (Cardiff, Swansea and Trinity St. David) via the Welsh Video Network, for research seminars in medieval and early modern studies. The series attracts speakers from a variety of disciplines and from all over the world, who sometimes give papers within the Institute’s research strands, but also talk on subjects of general interest, providing an opportunity for people working on different areas to exchange ideas.


Date Speaker Talk/Paper
5 October 2010 John Kerrigan (Cambridge) Anglo-Welsh Shakespeare? Elegies, Epitaphs, Monuments  
19 October 2010 Thomas H. Luxon (Dartmouth, U.S.A.) Human Reproduction in Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’
2 November 2010 Peter Jones (Cambridge) “Quintessence works one hundred times better”: Alchemy and the medical practitioners before Paracelsus
16 November 2010 Elma Brenner (Cambridge) Leprosy, gender and status in medieval Rouen  
30 November 2010 Lisa Colton (Huddersfield) “No rude attempt at Vocal Harmony”: Sumer is icumen in and the canon of English music
14 December 2010 Gruffydd Aled Williams (emeritus, Aberystwyth) More than “skimble-skamble stuff”: the medieval Welsh poetry associated with Owain Glyndŵr
18 January 2011 Carole Meale (Bristol) "If ye lyked þe labour to take": poetry and patronage in the fifteenth century
1 February 2011 Sarah Prescott (Aberystwyth) Women’s literary history in seventeenth-century Wales: the case of Katherine Philips Not available
15 February 2011 Phillipa Hardman (Reading) Making Use of the Matter of France in the Middle English Charlemagne romances
1 March 2011 Jerry Hunter (Bangor) Elus Gruffydd’s authorial voice and (proto-)autobiography: rethinking aspects of sixteenthcentury
Welsh historiography
15 March 2011 David Trotter (Aberystwyth) The Anglo-Norman Dictionary and what you can do with it
29 March 2011 Mark Hagger (Bangor) 'How the west was won: the Norman dukes and the Cotentin, c.987 - 1087'
10 May 2011 Simon John (Swansea)
'The "Chanson d'Antioche": a late twelfth century representation of the First Crusade'
24 May 2011 Cathryn Charnell-White (Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies) 'Ceridwen's Poets: Welsh Women's Poetry 1450-1800'





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